Firstly, if you have not seen the Chinese movie "The Master" from 2015, find it, watch it, subtitles or voice over or in Mandarin or Cantonese.
The story is amazing, true story and as good as the story is, as inspiring and brutal as it is, the knife work, oh the knife work is second to none.
The art of knife fighting from the Chinese perspective.
Bart Cham Dao is a style of double knife fighting that is truly a beautiful thing to see, bloody, deadly and violent yes but beautiful in its direct straight forward, no show off, no unnecessary movements.
We offer the modern Bart Cham Dao, but I wanted to offer a more traditional set as well. Based on the final knives the hero uses in the movie, that were in turn based on the actual knives used by the actual man in real life.
High carbon exceptionally sharp steel blades measuring 10.5 inches each with a total lenght of 15.75 inches.
The brass full hand guard is widened and enlarged for American hands.
The spine blade catch is kept minimal as was the "quick draw" style of Bart Cham Dao street fighting.
The whole knife is peaned and bolted for a full hidden tang.
The sheaths are made of cow hide, with belt loops, positive retention elevates the need for a button clasp, and the blades are ready for an ultra fast draw and strike capability.
This is a set of two twin Bart Cham Dao knives.

The Master's Bart Cham Dao

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