The sidste Kamp axe or Last Battle Axe has a shape based on original viking era Danish fighting axes, the head is made of high carbon steel and is engraved with a traditional viking design, the design is copied from an axe head found in a viking grave thus a design meant to last into Valhalla! 
The haft is hand carved from locally sourced hickory, fire hardened in the traditional manner and then oil cured 3 times to keep this haft looking and working at it's best for many generations to come.
The haft is also engraved. 
A brass lined lanyard hole in the base of the haft gives you a perfect place to run cordage or leather for a strong wrist strap for battle or hanging by your rifle.

Sidste kamp Axe

SKU: Skaox13

        North Point Axe, Made in Maine, U.S.A. 2019