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The Shuang Gou Dao (hook sword) is a set of two.
Made from reliable, strong and lightweight American Steel, tempered and hand finished in America by Americans to create the strongest sharpest most bad ass hook swords available anywhere. 
These swords are made from one single piece of steel, no welding points to break, no weak points, just one solid steel piece.
The grips are padded and leather wrapped for a sure grip.
We are the ONLY American manufacturer of hook swords.
Don't settle for cheap Chinese swords that bend in a strong wind and are made of an inferior pot metal.
Get your hands on these for real no joke hard core swords.
(We can ship with dull blades for kung fu schools and as demonstration weapons, just add a dull blade request in the add note section of the check out cart page. Otherwise all blades are shipped sharp)
Please allow one week after ordering before shipping for final sharpening. 

Shuang Gou Dao (Hook Swords)

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