The #510 is back! This was one of the top selling Mora knives in North America. Apparently it didn’t do as well in Sweden, because it was discontinued in favor of the #511 a few years ago. Now I’m very happy to see it back in production. The carbon steel blade is 3 ¾” long and .078” (2 mm) thick. The two millimeter thickness is easily strong enough to be useful, and thin enough to slice well. The back of the blade is left rough from the stamping. This will improve the sparking qualities when used with natural flint. For use with a ferro rod you may wish to square a portion of the back to produce sharp corners. The handle is sized for average or slightly smaller hands. It has a molded in pattern with a pebbled surface for excellent control with a variety of grips. The neutral orientation of the grip works equally well when cutting with the edge up or down. The sheath has the usual button slot, but can be opened up take a narrow belt as indicated above. The knife weighs only 2 ¼ ounces, or 3 ¼ ounces in the sheath. This makes it very viable as a neck knife. I like this one.

Mora 510 Allround