Strong thick full tang D2 steel blades updated to suit modern styles of Wing Chun knife fighting.
Blade grasping spine adds an extra tool to your Wing Chun style.
Wide pronounced tanto blade tips bring all cultures together in a sweet harmony of bloody death.
Add to that an added spike on the end of each handle and slanted guard give you more advantages than a classic Bart Cham Dao in so many ways.
Weighted and balanced with speed and accuracy in mind.
Each is heat painted with weatherproofing deep black.
Each handle is made of locally sourced Maine hickory sanded to a fine palm swell that allows the same grip Point up or Point down, weatherproofed and ready for what ever grip you need.

This IS a set of 2 knives.

This set is one of a kind and if you practice Wing Chun or just enjoy the perfection of combined cultures in a twin set then these Dao are for you.

Modern Bart Cham Dao

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