The Danish Viking Hunting Knife or as it's called by the Danes "jagtkniv" is made from carbon steel hand forged and textured hammered to give you a firm grip even on the blade itself, useful when skinning or gutting your game.
The handle is made of Rosewood and the full tang is brass pinned in three places to make this strong blade a reliable handle.
This sort of knife was used almost exclusively by hunters and rarely saw combat. Its curved blade is ideally suited for gutting and pelt removal.
This was actually a lot of fun to make, basing it's design on exhibits from the national Danish heritage museum we were able to get not just the size and shape of the old viking knife but also thanks to the studies done on the blades we matched the carbon content as well.
This knife if brought back in time would fit into a Danish hunters hand exactly. But as time travel is a bit tricky we might as well fit it into your hand in the here and now.

Total length- 10 inches 
Blade length- (curved cutting edge) 7.5 inches 
Blade length- (tip to handle top) 5.2 inches 
Handle length- 4.5 inches