It's back, one of the most popular axes NPA ever made, we made one as a custom order for a brother and went ahead and made 2 more while we were at it.
So if you missed it last time then here is your second chance.
Will we make more after these sell?
Maybe, but not until after winter season that's for sure. Testing throwing axes in 4 foot deep snow is rather counterproductive as one must wait till spring to find the rusted out husk of the axe after throwing it!
So get one now while you can... and don't loose it in the snow.
High carbon forged francisca axe head with our classic rosewood shaft.
See it in action on "revoltingman" YouTube channel.

Francisca Throwing Axe

SKU: Fta1

        North Point Axe, Made in Maine, U.S.A. 2019