The Doku no ken is an original design from NPA.
The name in English means "fists of venom" this is a new weapon 100% designed, developed and tested here in Maine U.S.A.
Sold in a set of 2, held with tanto shaped long blade pointed down to protect forearms.
Each of the points is sharpened like an arrow head with the long blade hand sharpened to a wicked razor edge.
The large finger holes can accommodate even large hands with ease and the ultra strong tempered American steel will keep it's edge for a long long time.
Own an original American weapon.
Easy to conceal and unstoppable in melee or any hand weapon fight.
Each of the two knives is coated with a rust proofing that should keep these carbon steel beauties rust free for much time to come.
(If you want them done in weather proof non - reflective black please ask)
(If you want them unsharpened for dojo or competition use please ask, we can do that for you)
(A special wall mount is available at extra cost, to keep your Doku no ken handy and presentable between battles. Use our contact us page to request one for your set.)

Doku no ken

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