This set of two Bart Cham Dao (butterfly swords) are made for one solid piece of steel, not just any type of steel, American Steel.
Stronger and lighter than any Chinese made Dao set these are sharp as razors, fast as lighting and stronger than a tiger! 
Padded and leather wraped handles make these a comfortable grip. Also the handle is enlarged to accommodate western sized hands.
So American steel, hand made by Americans and sized for American martial art practitioners. 
(We can send these dull for school and competition use, just request a dull edge in the add a note section of the checkout)
We (not so humbly) suggest these Bart Cham Dao are stronger, sharper and lighter than any currently produced in China.
Please allow one week after ordering before shipping for final sharpening.

Classic Bart Cham Dao (Butterfly Swords)

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