Now only available as a custom order.
Please contact our "contact us" page to set up options for your own custom black forest axe.

This is absolutely one of our finest axes. High carbon steel acid etched to a dark swirling pattern. The two bits brought to a sharp 25 degree rake. The eye drifted and separately tempered to last many lifetimes. The flat top and slight beards of the bits make this axe far more than a wall hanger, designed to chop the largest of trees and split the thickest logs.
The haft is strong Maine Hickory and useing a old nordic method of treatment to create a beautiful look and a smooth yet gripping handle. The haft is hand drawn and shaped then heated with the fires of Odin after that it is then oiled and dried oiled again over and over 6 times until the haft is absolutely perfect. And the perfection is not just in its look, but also in the haft's weather resistant nature after the long process is complete.

Each of these are hand made as a special order and production time is around 2 weeks for each one.

These are special order only, so keep in mind you will need to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before the axe is completed and ready to ship.

Total length- 35 inches 
Each bit length- 4.2 inches 
Haft- treated oiled Maine Hickory 
Axe head- carbon steel and high carbon steel bit(s)
Weight of head- 3.3 pounds 
Total weight- 4.5 pounds

Black Forest Axe

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