North Point Axe is small family run company located in the State of Maine.

Firstly let us thank you for coming to our website and we hope you enjoy all North Point Axes have to offer.

Maine has a long history of Axe making, from the late 1800s Maine had more than 300 different axe makers in state, this axe making industry was tied closely to the thriving lumber trade taking place the same time, when rivers were full of logs and men wore spiked shoes. The axe making in Maine not only helped fuel the logging industry but also gleaned knowledge and knowhow from it. New designs and new types of steels were tried and tested daily and many became legends while others failed the hard tests of the rural industry.

Now North Point offers not just Axes but also Swords and Knives, if it's pointy we sell it. Custom designs and one of a kind originals as well as a variety of products from other forges.

Enjoy our products and pass them down to your future generations, our axes, swords and knives should last many life times if cared for correctly.

We currently now offer both Morakiv and Elk Ridge Brands pf Knives and outdoor gear as well as our own hand made works.


Make A North Point Axe, sword or knife your family heirloom. 


Owner and craftsman Adam